Sunday, November 16, 2008

The National Day of Listening

StoryCorps: National Day of Listening
Join in on Friday, November 28
The National Day of Listening is an initiative created by the independent nonprofit project StoryCorps to encourage, instruct, and inspire everyday people to start a new holiday tradition: sit down with a loved one on the day after Thanksgiving, November 28, 2008, and record a meaningful conversation to preserve for years to come.

StoryCorps created the National Day of Listening to give new meaning to the day after Thanksgiving, a day when many people are at home with family, but also traditionally a day of rushing around town. Setting aside an hour on November 28, to look loved ones in the eyes and ask about their lives is one of the most meaningful moments you can share. The simple act of listening tells them how much they matter, and preserving that conversation on tape, CD, or with a pen and paper tells them they won't be forgotten. It's the greatest holiday gift you could ever give.

To help people celebrate the National Day of Listening, StoryCorps distributes a free Do-It-Yourself Instruction guide, a simple step-by-step guide to facilitating and archiving interviews at home. Download your DIY Guide today at

Tune in to WGVU Radio the week of Thanksgiving for special programming from NPR, leading up to The National Day of Listening on Friday, November 28.