Thursday, November 20, 2008

NPR Thanksgiving Specials

A Thanksgiving How-To with Christopher Kimball
Morning Edition, Wednesday, November 26
The annual tradition continues! In years past, the host of the PBS's America's Test Kitchen has given Morning Edition time-saving tips, saved us from turkey day disasters like burned biscuits and lumpy gravy, and even welcomed us to dinner at his Vermont farmhouse. For this time around, listeners set the agenda with their questions and comments, and Kimball will join hosts Renée Montagne and Steve Inskeep to pave the way for a successful turkey day.

Thanksgiving is Relative
Morning Edition, Thanksgiving Day
Morning Edition music commentator Miles Hoffman joins Renée Montagne for their annual holiday ritual of talking about Thanksgiving and classical music. This year's theme: musical relatives. Mozart's father was a composer, and his sister a talented performer. Robert Schumann was married to a talented composer, Clara. Felix Mendelssohn's sister also wrote music, and the Strauss Family could fill a very large table for Thanksgiving.

Bailey White's Annual Thanksgiving Story
All Things Considered, Thanksgiving Day
Storyteller Bailey White continues her annual tradition on All Things Considered's Thanksgiving Day program with yet another enjoyable tale straight from her imagination. This year, she's telling us about Runnell Tumblehome - a fastidious little man with delicate hands and feet who's absolutely useless. He sponges off people in the community, but does not harm. When he adopts a dog more loveable than himself, trouble starts.

Listen to or read Bailey's 2007 story, "The Green Bus."